Who is Zelo Elettronica ?

Zelo Elettronica relies on people with over 30 years of experience in the field of printing solutions.

Since the foundation of our company, in 1982, we are determined to develop new and innovative solutions in the graphic field, which have been worldwide appreciated.

As in the past, so for the future, our mission lies in providing high-quality products nonetheless characterized by competitive prices.

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Your Advantages

There are many benefits that can be drawn using our products.

More productivity
Less waste and fewer errors will immediately result in an increase of productivity.

More precision
Your products will have more value, achieving print quality than ever before.

Time saving
Save not only print materials, but also precious time.


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We have been very successful at beating the quoted prices of all manufacturers.
One way that we can work on prices is to let us know what kind of budget you have and what you would like to get out of it.
Customer Care

Service assistance

If you need technical support, we can provide you comprehensive and easy-to-use source of information and assistance.
For enabling us to diagnose faults properly, we ask you to specify the right information, data and equipment.