High-quality standard, minimizing wastes, maximizing speed set-up are key-stones in printing process. For that reason, proper solutions are needed and Zelo elettronica has the answers. We can provide solutions in terms of register control, viscosity control and web vision.
TAJ 200 - Register Control
TAJ 200 - Register Control

New register control model TAJ 200 is the last product of the Zelo Elettronica's TAJ series. It's an evolution of the previous model TAJ 150, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, during the development, we've taken the advantages of the new graphic oscilloscope TAJ SCOPE, in order to guarantee flexibility and easy use.

New register control TAJ 200: cutting, web-folding, punching, front&backisde register control.
Thanks to the integrated oscilloscope TAJ 200 is suitable for special applications such as insetting register control and cold-seal register control.

From Research and Development labs of Zelo Elettronica is born TAJ 200 that is characterized by:

  • deliberate functional design which allows to the user an easy use and supervision
  • touch keyboard, optionally remote, allows user interface
  • a graphic screen with VFD technology allows a good visibility, in the worst situations as well, and it provides clear messages to simplify the user understanding of any possible anomalies
  • two microprocessors grant safe and flexible control, reducing the console dimension
  • an on board flash memory allows to save setup parameters and 1000 jobs can be archived and loaded at any time, reducing the start-up time
  • multi-language graphic interface
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TAJ 150 - Register Control
TAJ 150 - Register Control

The TAJ 150 provides both longitudinal and transversal register control, behaving through mark to mark, mark to cylinder systems. The scanning head / encoder synchronization, throughout TAJ control, triggers the motorized adjusting mechanisms, leading to high-quality printing solutions. The TAJ 150 may find applications in rotogravures, web offset, flexo, business forms, labels, web folding, cutting-off, perforation, embossing, diecutting-punching, bags-machines, front-back printing, insetter and length-variation control.

Additional features:

  • Effective working capability on a broad spectrum of materials, such as paper, cartons, plastic and metallic film
  • Professional facility in water-marks, transparent varnishes and glues register control
  • Insetter control printing register on pre-printed materials
  • Great control accuracy of length variations in the extensible materials' printing

An application schema:

TAJ 150 - Register Control

TAJ COLOR - Register Control
TAJ COLOR - Register Control

In printing processes, several colours are often used. Thus, opportune controls on each printing group need to be performed.
Based on the previous experiences of TAJ 100 and 150, we developed TAJCOLOR and TAJCOLOR LT, optimal ad hoc solutions in terms of multiple lenght and length & side register control.

TAJ SCOPE - Register Control
TAJ SCOPE - Register Control

All the products of the TAJ series might be equipped with TAJSCOPE, an oscilloscope connected to scanning head, encoder and control system, which relies on a graphical user interface for a simpler and faster finer setup.

VISCOWAL - Viscosity Control
VISCOWAL - Viscosity Control

For the viscosity control, we developed VISCOWAL, an all-in-one automatic system which, thanks to its high-precision sensors, enables controlling viscosity, temperature and pH values. VISCOWAL may find applications in rotogravures and flexo presses for inks, varnishes and glues.

Its main characteristics:

  • no moving mechanical parts, resulting into long lasting lifespan
  • the automatic washing, resulting into great maintenance efforts savings
  • a latest-generation microprocessor, enabling viscosity reading in connection with reference values, as well as solvent measurements and work-savings
  • the intrinsic barrier, which allows installing VISCOWAL even in hazardous zones, nevertheless keeping a high-standard level of safety

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The new Zelo Elettronica strobolamp is portable and compact. It can seem static the print on press and the revolving mechanical parts. Adding the phase shifting feature it is possible to move the image for an optimal inspection.

Technical data:

  • Flash rate range 40 to 12500 flashes per minute
  • Flash rate accuracy ±0.5 f/min
  • Tachometer range 40 to 59000 round per minute
  • Tachometer accuracy ±0.5 r/min
  • Power pack type NiMH, rechargable and removable
  • Power pack type charge time 2-4 hours
  • Run time per charge 2,5 hours at 1600 f/min; 1,25 hours at 3200 f/min
  • Battery charger AC input 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Controls Power, x2, ÷2, phase shift, external trigger
  • External trigger input 0-5V TTL via jack
  • Weight 650g (1 lb, 7 oz)